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  • Macworld Listen, we all have about a gazillion gadgets, and charging them can be super messy. A charging station like Anker’s PowerWave 4-in-1 can be just the thing your desk or nightstand is missing. The best part is that the charging station is on clearance at Best Buy right now, and you can get it […]
  • Macworld If you were watching Apple demo the main features of Apple Intelligence during the WWDC keynote on Monday, you were likely thinking of all the ways you’d be able to use the new service on your iPhone this fall. However, when it was over many iPhone users were dismayed to learn it won’t work […]
  • Macworld Apple Vision Pro went on sale in the U.S. on February 2, 2024. It’s a mixed reality headset (Apple calls it a “Spatial Computer”) that marries an M2 processor with a lot of custom silicon, sensors, cameras, and more. The starting price of $3,499 and limited availability means that it’s a niche product, but […]
  • Macworld If you are thinking of buying an older generation or used iPhone, or wondering whether it’s worth updating your current handset, one important factor to consider is how long Apple will be offering support for that handset. There are two ways in which Apple supports iPhones. One is the software – ensuring that any […]
  • Macworld iOS is at the heart of the iPhone experience. It’s the operating system on which everything else sits, while also delivering plenty of features and dedicated apps built by Apple itself. If you’ve ever wondered about when versions came out, how you can check the one you’re currently using, or how to update to […]